​Individual ​Counseling

Leslie Holley is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC, MD, IL) (LPC, MO, DC, VA) who earned her Masters degree in Community Counseling from DePaul University where she also taught Career Counseling and Supervision to graduate students, as an adjunct professor. She offers counseling to adults and adolescents suffering from trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, post baby issues, and substance abuse. Leslie also works with clients who are experiencing significant life changes and are seeking personal growth. ​Additionally, she offers couples counseling for clients facing issues with communication and co-dependency.  Leslie is also an experienced presenter and an avid volunteer, advocating for young adults presenting with anger, abuse, neglect, and self-esteem issues.  While seeing clients at her private practice, she also offers clinical supervision, and mental health education for organizations.   

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Other Services

Topics Include: 

Adolescent Anger Coping
Adolescent Trauma
Life Transitions
Post-Partum Depression

African American Issues

Women's Issues (i.e. Infidelity & Abortion)

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Group Counseling

Affordable Counseling Services for Individuals, Adolescents, & Couples


Identifying counseling needs for 
schools and after school programs


Identifying short and long term professional goals


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Adults & Adolescents Presenting with:
Anger Management
Relationship Concerns
Life Transitions

Couples Counseling Presenting Issues:
Conflict Resolution

Family Therapy

Presenting Issues:
Child Rearing

Setting Boundaries